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Dr. Howard J. Hoffman DDS

A Smile Makeover Makes You Shine…

The way you feel about yourself is reflected in how you present yourself. A healthy, beautiful smile enhances your appearance and allows your confidence and passion shine through to the world. If you constantly hide your smile, you aren’t portraying the person you know is hidden inside.

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, you can dramatically improve your smile with fast, painless and affordable treatments.

Some smiles need extensive treatment while others require only a touch-up. Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Hoffman offers a complete range of cosmetic dental treatments, ensuring you walk out of his Miami office confident and happy that you have your best smile ever.

With cosmetic treatments, we can:

• Alter the shape, size and alignment of your teeth
Brighten the existing color of your teeth
• Correct spacing in between your teeth
• Correct your bite and jaw alignment
• Fix previous dental treatments
• Repair broken, chipped or cracked teeth

Ready For Your Smile Makeover?

People with beautiful smiles get noticed! They look great in photos. They have more confidence. They are luckier in love. They generally advance faster in the workplace. Contact us for a smile makeover consultation on how you can improve your smile and start showing on the outside, what you feel on the inside.

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